• The planet is faced with the threat of runaway climate chaos, thanks to human activity.
  • Plane transport is the human activity which represents the fastest-growing contribution to climate chaos.
  • We need to find a better way to travel.
  • Award-winning rapper/playwrite Dizraeli* and documentary photographer/filmmaker Billy Macrae intend to do just that.

* BBC National Poetry Slam Champion 2007-9, Farrago UK Slam Champion '07, 2x Edinburgh Fringe Award Winner.

Here’s their story….

Faced with the science of climate change, Dizraeli (not what his mum calls him) has vowed not to fly. All good, until he is offered a golden opportunity to perform in Egypt. After a brief struggle with the devil on his left shoulder, Rowan decides to stick to his principles, exchange quick convenience and aeroplane food for a continent-sized slice of chaos, and go overland. Accompanied by documentary photographer/filmmaker Billy Macrae, he has two weeks and £500 to get to Cairo. The pair will travel through Central and Eastern Europe, then on to Turkey, Syria, Israel and Palestine. Crossing countless borders and barriers, they will broadcast their journey to the world: as a daily blog, a weekly video diary and finally, a documentary film accompanied by a full-length album.

If Dizraeli doesn’t make it to Cairo in time for the show, he will lose his entire budget for the trip. The risk is very real: the Middle East is a notoriously sticky area for border crossings, and there is a distinct possibility that Diz and Billy will be refused entry at some point along the way. One thing is certain, though, whatever happens: an adventure awaits.

We’re facing real problems.

We want UnPlaned to be an inspiration for those finding solutions.

* Unless something really drastic takes place.

What can you do?

  • Hop aboard the UnPlaned FundTrain.

    In other words, We Need Money! We're still £1500 short of being able to make this project work. If you think it's something you want to see happen, and you have some coins in your pocket waiting to do something worthy, please donate. Just click here, and you'll be led gently to a place of giving. Thank you!
  • Follow our story.

    We'll be broadcasting our journey to the world, through the cyberpipes in the form of a daily blog and weekly video blog, and through the eyewaves in the form of a documentary film which will be finished in November. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and this site here, where we'll be posting regular tidbits.
  • Do it yourself.

    Take inspiration from the decisions we've made, and choose to travel by train or bus. It's much easier than you think, as we hope we'll be able to illustrate. There are some incredibly useful websites out there which join up train journeys, to make it easy to understand and plan overground trips. Check out our 'Where To Next?' page for directions.

News Flash!


We rolled into Victoria at 10am, having spent a final night on a bus (Prague to London). The buildings were grey, the skies were sooty and the Thames was still the Thames. But we rejoiced anyhow, then sat and freaked out over a plate of grease breakfast.

I’m going to sleep ’til next Thursday… No actually, I’m going to Manchester to do a three-day run of the Rebel Cell at the Contact Theatre. Sheet.

I’m going to go to sleep next Thursday.

Big up to everyone who’s followed us this far… The journey goes on.