March 25, 2010

We did it.

Ten days and 14 cities later, and we’re in Cairo.

Sorry there’s been silence on the UnPlaned lines, peoples- broadband was down in the desert, and there was nothing we could do. I’ve just updated the diary with all the blogs from the last 9 days, so there’s a feast of reading all the way from Budapest to Egypt.

I’m writing from the broad, clean balcony of the Mayfair Hotel (sounds slightly posher than it is) close to the theatre where we’ll be performing the Rebel Cell. We’re with Baba, Jamie and Tracey (Jamie’s lady, you should meet her, she’s very nice)- they’re a little bit jeglagged, and came from England yesterday on a big metal kite.

Click on the diary page to get the full messy, dusty, sticky, exhausting, exhilarated story up til now.

Now, I just have to go and sleep.

IMAGE: On arrival at the hotel after finally meeting the other cast members for The Rebel Cell, Dizraeli sits on the porch with his guitar.

IMAGE: In a dimly lit underpass, new and old methods of transport are seen alongside each other. Cairo, Egypt.

IMAGE: Scenes after a recent car-wash on the streets of Cairo.

IMAGE: Resident of Cairo (bottom right) responds to the Call to prayer from a nearby mosque.

IMAGE: Street scene in the Giza area. Cairo.

One response to “We did it.”

  1. Alison Mitchell says:

    Well done! You’ve did it! I’m totally impressed and I love the diary entries. You’ve conjured up a feast of images that resonate back in time, to previous traveling experiences before planes ruled the world. I hope the filming is going as well too. I’m very much looking forward to seeing it.
    Have fun on your homeward journey.
    Love Alison