March 29, 2010

On the road again.

We were supposed to leave Cairo last night, but the launderette, holding our entire stock of clothes for the trip, closed and wouldn’t open again til this morning at 11. It threw a sour spanner in our plans, which were to join our friend Noa in Tel Aviv tonight for their annual Passover celebrations. But after a little fizz of frustration, we find ourselves able to take it striding. With an extra day in Cairo, we’re going to visit a local publishing house, hoping to meet some writers of some flare and note, and we’ve got some hours to get on top of things before we dive into motion again.

Our bus to the border is at 11pm. Tomorrow, Palestine.

IMAGE: Cairo, Egypt. Customers smoking Nargileh pipes ın a cafe.

IMAGE: Caıro, Egypt. Car wash. 2010

IMAGE: Cairo, Egypt. Workers at an outdoor garage sıt ın the sun wıth a traffıc warden. 2010

IMAGE: Caıro, Egypt. Car wash. 2010

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