April 6, 2010

The long long road to Damascus

We’re here, in the oldest capital in the world, having spent a full two days getting here from Palestine (it should have taken an afternoon). Check here soon for stories of Palestine and the trip back down to Egypt and across the water to Jordan. It’s been a lesson in waiting, and cats, and WWF wrestling.

Letting go of plans, too, and trying to make up for lost time: we spent the whole night and all morning travelling, our hearts in our mouths going through the Syrian border (it was fully possible they wouldn’t let us through). We were supposed to spend the night in Damascus, but we’re here late and we’ve got to get to the Kosovo gig by Friday, so tonight we board a bus for Istanbul. It will take 24 hours to get there.  

We’re both surviving on coffee, falafel and good humour alone.

One response to “The long long road to Damascus”

  1. Ruth Carter says:

    Dear Rowan

    Tales of this journey are inspirational. All the best.