March 8, 2010

Passing the exclamation mark.

Something wonderful has happened: we’ve passed our first funding milestone ($1,627), and have moved into Stage Two. We never expected this to happen this soon: thank you so much to all the people who have donated through IndieGoGo so far, and also to all those who came to our fundraising event on the 24th of Feb. It was an amazing night, and we raised 550 quid, or 850 dollars, depending what side of the pond you fall on.

What this all means is, we can now definitely get to Egypt and back! Up ‘til now, we’ve only been able to afford tickets as far as Vienna, in one direction. Now we’re booking the rest of the journey. We’ve also paid George, the genius who built our website, for his services (he kindly let us delay til we had the money).

And so, UnPlaned rolls forward.

This next stage will be paying for the equipment and studio time we need to get the documentary and album actually made… Here’s hoping.

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