April 14, 2010


We rolled into Victoria at 10am, having spent a final night on a bus (Prague to London). The buildings were grey, the skies were sooty and the Thames was still the Thames. But we rejoiced anyhow, then sat and freaked out over a plate of grease breakfast.

I’m going to sleep ’til next Thursday… No actually, I’m going to Manchester to do a three-day run of the Rebel Cell at the Contact Theatre. Sheet.

I’m going to go to sleep next Thursday.

Big up to everyone who’s followed us this far… The journey goes on.

2 responses to “Home.”

  1. Noa says:

    Welcome Home Boys!!! See you soon. Congrats on completing this epic journey. It’s been a thrill to follow and take a small part. Hope to hear more about it first hand.
    Noa x

  2. Ruth Carter says:

    Dear Rowan & Billy

    Happy home coming! Have enjoyed vicarious travel experience while burning midnight oil & hope site stays open until documentary made so more funds can arrive.

    Best wishes Rowan for continued success of Rebel Cell.