March 13, 2010

Unplaned photo essay part 1: London

As the journey goes along, Billy will also be shooting a photo essay about the project, and the issues it deals with.

Here is part 1: a selection of images shot this week in London, the starting point of the UnPlaned journey…


ABOVE: UK, London. Unplaned context shots. The houses of Parliament seen from above, including a ‘pod’ from the London eye, in the foreground, full of tourists.  2010

ABOVE: UK, London. UnPlaned context shots. London’s well-known tourist attaction (and icon of Unplaned air travel!) The London eye. 2010

ABOVE: London, UK. Unplaned context shots. Pollution-free ‘air travel’: visitors inside a ‘pod’ at the London eye. 2010


ABOVE: UK, London. Unplaned starting point. Visible ‘con-trails’ of pollution escaping an airoplane are reflected in the windows of a passing coach. 2010.

UK, London. London context shots – spring in London. In the ever security-conscious capital, a security guard watches over the streets of Westminster. 2010

UK, London. Spring context shots – ground level. A footprint in recently fallen snow is visible momentarily before turning to slush. 2010

UK, London. Context shots- below ground level. On the tube below London’s streets, a woman reads her book whilst waiting for the train to move. 2010

UK, London. Context shots – travel in London. Underground, as the crowded tube begins to move, passengers hold on to the rails.


NOTE: In the spirit of ‘slow’ travel, I am using an analog camera, with black and white film. Something about the time and consideration this method demands of the photographer seems to resonate with the project for me.

So far, I’m loving every minute. Watch out for further updates on this essay, when I am able to scan my photographs in the cities we pass through.

…And so it begins…

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